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Do you want to start your own clothing line?
 like, women clothes, man clothes, we have got partner companies to manufacture mens clothing also,

Just contact us we will show  how to start.
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We got generally lots of questions like:

how to make my own brand clothing ?

how to start your own brand clothing?

how to start your own clothing line?

how to start your own clothing store?

how to start own clothing boutique?

how to launch your own clothing brand?

It is better to start your own brand label, by designing your woven label and hang tags. Then if you your are clothing designer you desing some clothes which you belive that you could sell them, online or your store, butique.

It is important that there ar MOQ (Minimum order of quantity) for the clothing manufactured. MOQ  generally depends on the style , and fabric , and accessory for the clothes.  Because there some restriction in to buy the apparel materila at best prices. How much you order more, you get more best price for the whole clothing.

Fabric roll meters,sewing, cutting, determining fabric color, are all depends on the quantity. So if you your quantity is small like 50-100 then you could buy ready fabric from the fabric sellers. But if your order is approximately, more than 100 up to 500 pieces, generally  we could manufacture the fabric you want. It is important that the fabric is woven or knitted, cotton or polyester, or mixed.

Or the the easiest way and shortest time to build your own brand clothes, you could choose the manufacturers collection, and you could order from the ready styles with your own private label, you brand.

You could be somewhere in th world like; in England (Uk), France, Sweeden, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia,Holland, Usa, Canada, Egypt, Iran,South Africa, Dubai.... Just contact us.

how to start your own brand

Stages of the private label  clothing production with your own brand:

Fist stage is to make desing of your logo and production of woven labels and paper hang tags.

Second step is to determine your models to be produced, these desings could be your own skeches or selected from different companies production or selection from the collection of the cloting producer.

Third step is the choose the suitable fabric for the clothes, because the originals fabric might not be found in the market, or cant be produced with the quantities you want.

Fourt step is to prepare sample, with the size chart you  you want, because every country has own sizes of women and men. You should be very carefully when you determining the size chart to fit the clothes to your clients body perfectly.

Fift step is  to start the real production of your products after the confirmation of the sample cloth.

Sixth step is to check the quality of the manufactured products, and transport to your country where you want to open a shop, store, butique and sell them with the good profit.

Seventh step is to give new orders, with the feedbacks of your clients.

Waiting your second orders. please contact us , by filling the contact form.

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how to start your own brand clothing


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